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     History, goals and objective of  

Red Star Innovations is a young company who wishes to make its mark (brand) in the operation of online point of sale. We strongly believe in the advantages and the ease that offers the internet to give our client the accessibility to quality products on an international scale. We are continuously updating our products to be sure that we offer the best opportunities for all customers.

Our first objective is to give an access to great product at a reasonable price. That for, we actively participate in the emergence of new technologies and the conception of new products to help people realize all their projects.

In spite a modest departure, RSI had an impressive growing during the last years. Our financial results are constantly improving and confirm the solidity of our business plan. We want to keep getting better in the unique purpose of offering you the best possible service.

For all questions or comments on the enterprise you can reach to the customer’s services by email to customer services or call during the business hour our office to 1-844-264-0495